Rev. Don Sellsted, MDiv, AScT

Ordained Minister, United Church of Canada

Hello, and the peace of Christ to you. My name is Rev. Don Sellsted (Don) and am the minister at Orchard Valley United Church in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. My wife Cheryl and I relocated here in July of 2018 and are very happy to call this home.


The intention of this site is to:

  • Aid in worship service creation
  • Assist with UCC and Region work
  • Have a bit of fun with a website

God has fashioned a world where all people are intended to be their true selves and be welcoming to all people. I believe that there are no ‘others’, but only ‘us’. None are perfect but all are loved.

I identify God through the life and teachings found in Jesus Christ and respect that there are other pathways to find God in our lives.

There is a depth of prayer and spirituality in the Christian Church, the Jewish Synagogue, the Islamic Mosque, the Sikh Temple, and the Bahá’í Centres. In those places we know the holy is present, powerful, and profound – and the spirituality is real.

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